I believe that the practice of yoga has the ability to change and transform lives. Being a yoga teacher is one of my truest joys in life. I love seeing the transformation that happens in my clients bodies, spirit and self-awareness.

My philosophy is simple…

Allow your yoga practice to help you quiet the mind, cultivate a deeper inner awareness, utilize the breath and allow your inner light to shine and be inspired by how amazing YOU truly are!

Goddess Yoga

Personally, yoga is an individual practice and I am sensitive to the truth that we are all unique beings with unique physical and emotional bodies. Yoga has the power to strengthen the physical body as well as deepen the awareness within the spiritual and energetic body. When you let go of what is holding you back, ultimately you are able to tap deeper into your inner truth.

I believe in practicing yoga from a heart centered place of self love, acceptance and to encourage releasing self-limiting judgments we perhaps have inflicted on our selves and others around us. My goal is always to make yoga a fun and safe healing place as we work through our yoga journey. 

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About Whitney:

Whitney has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and discovered a yoga at a time in her life when she needed a lot of mental support. It was on the mat that she discovered her true support system…yoga, her mat, breath and inner strength.

“We don’t have to look outwards to find help, our truth and strength is always there within us. Yoga helps remind us all of the truth”

So grateful that the journey continues after receiving my 200 hour yoga alliance certified training in 2010 from Sumits Yoga in Phoenix AZ. I am currently enrolled in my 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Vira Bhava. I look forward to enhancing my teaching with the depth this training offers. I have experience in many teaching styles and love all the practices of yoga. Most proudly,  I am the proud owner of Grass Valley Yoga, an amazing community studio that provides classes to all levels of yoga practitioners. 

Whitney is available to teach group classes and private sessions. Check out her regular scheduled classes here at


If you are new to yoga or just want to enhance your yoga practice, please contact Whitney to book your session.


Think like a Warrior:


 I am strong

 I am capable of creating change

 I can have courage