“Allow your yoga practice and your yoga mat to be your support system”. My yoga teacher once said that during my yoga class and it totally resonated with me and really, such a simple phrase can really inspire your yoga practice even more.


When you need to find a little inspiration, a shoulder to cry on, or someone to share a thought with. Your mat is always there.

Your yoga practice and your mat can facilitate a deeper awareness of oneself, and to the connection to your higher self.

Let your mat support you during your life journey.

How can you invoke this support system to an even deeper level in your yoga practice?

By practicing a few simple actions your mat will truly begin to give back to you what you put into it.






Try these few actions [maybe you already are]….

Give your mat the love it deserves by thanking it, expressing gratitude for every yoga practice. What you put into the universe, it will reciprocally be returned to you. The more gratitude that radiates from your being, the more gratitude will be returned to you. We all have had those days we get on our mats and maybe just don’t feel so good, but can you still express gratitude for the opportunity that presents itself before you. My yoga teacher once said to me that “yoga isn’t always pretty, often a lot of stuff is going to come up to the surface, the nasty stuff often reveals itself”. So how much gratitude can you give for all that? When energies, feelings and emotions are revealed, it is an opportunity for personal growth in some way.

Allow your mat to be honored in the sense of the same way you feel and honor about your best friend. Your mat is always there for you. I enjoy going to new places and new yoga studios where I don’t know anyone and that can also feel very lonely. But you are never really alone are you? Your divine, infinite love is always with you inside and outside of you. You can bring that love with you everywhere you go. So, when that friend isn’t available, your mat is there for you!

Your mat is the most divine reflection of you, what do you see within yourself when you practice your yoga? Like looking in the mirror of yourself your mat is reflection of what is going on inside of you. So, I ask you to look inside you and be inspired, be loving to yourself, be compassionate and mostly be true to yourself.

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Find your support system on your mat my friends and be the light that shines in each and everyone of us. Looking for an amazing mat…I recommend theManduka PRO Yoga Mat