Outdoor Yoga Hiking Sequence…simple and fun!!
Are you a yogi who also loves to experience the beautiful outdoors? I love practicing yoga in a studio, in a group yoga setting. I also am a lover of the outdoors and all the beauty, peace, tranquility that nature has to offer.
Nature to me is beautiful; there is no judgment at all when you go outside. Do you ever notice that? Does a tree ever say, wow, I wish I could balance better, or I wish I wasn’t so big? That is the peacefulness you experience when you go out in nature…pure peace, love and gratitude. What would it take for you to experience that in every moment of your life?
A few things to think about..
By living a life without judgment, moving into a state of acceptance, you begin to live a life more consciousness. After all, consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.
I have a yoga group and we planned to go outdoors for a hike and I thought what a great idea to combine yoga and hiking. However, I live in an area where the terrain, is rocky, and you can’t really put your hands on the ground, and who wants to bring a yoga mat along when they hike. So I have a great little yoga sequence for you that you can do in any terrain. It is perfect to do at end of a hike, to cool down the body, stretch out your muscles and leave feeling with a deeper connection to your body, mind and spirit connection.

Here is a very simple and effective yoga routine to do at the end or beginning of your hike. Remember as you practice to listen to your body, to maintain a strong core and to focus on your breathing.

  • Find yourself in a grounded mountain pose, focus your intention on your practice. I am…


  • Stretch your arms out to the side; inhale your arms up overhead. Inhale arms up, exhale arms out shoulder level, twist to right…look over right shoulder. Inhale arms up, exhale, twist and arms out shoulder level…look over left shoulder.
  • Reach your arms up overhead, interlace your fingers, stretch tall to the stars.
  • Crescent Moon pose as you stretch your body over to the left side, breathe…come back to center and repeat as you stretch over to the right side, breathe…repeat again each side.


  • Come back to center, arms out like a starfish.
  • Squat down into energizing goddess pose…smile & breathe.



  • Arms back into starfish, turn your right foot out, stretch your right arm forward and pivot the bod into triangle pose.
  • Pyramid pose, hands to hips or to each side of forward leg.
  • Hands to your hips as you rise up, bend deep into front knee for warrior 2; stretch right arm forward and reach up and back to reverse your warrior.
  • Back to warrior 2.
  • Hands back to your hips, high up on your back toes and sink hips down into a deep lunge; can raise arms for crescent lunge and could add opt. little back bend.
  • Hands back to hips, Straighten out front leg and do a wide legged forward fold. Option to interlace hands behind back for shoulder stretch.
  • Walk your hands over to your right leg, forward facing lunge as left leg extends out. Sink into hips.
  • Hands over to left leg, right leg extends out, forward facing lunge.
  • Step your legs in a bit and sink into a squat position…hold…hands on ground or at heart center.
  • Slowly stand up and reach arms up overhead, slight bend to knees as your forward fold. Breathe…
  • Inhale to come up to standing, breathe…reach arms up over head, then hands to hips.
  • Widen stance and sink into your lung, hands at hips or deeper crescent lung, arms reach up, opt. back bend.
  • Place your back foot down and sink deep into your powerful warrior 2; then stretch left arm up and back to reverse your warrior.
  • Hands to hip, shorten stance; Fold over left leg into pyramid pose, or hands to hips.
  • Rise up; widen stance arms out as you pivot the body into Triangle Pose.
  • Rise up arms out to side, star pose.
  • Sink down into goddess pose, breathe…feel good:)
  • Stand up, arms up overhead, crescent moon on left and right.
  • Finish with hands at heart center, with openness in your heart free of judgments and a deeper connection to the oneness we all are.
I hope you enjoy this simple yoga hiking sequence. Practice it a few times before hitting the trail and you will love it!