Weight Loss Tips #1

First disclaimer that I am no weight loss “expert”. I have had a lot of people ask me what I am doing so I thought I would share with you:)

As you know, or may not know, I am on a team to lose weight over a 12 week period, with the winner receiving $10 000 with Healthy Wage. How awesome right?!!

In the beginning the thought of winning money was so awesome; but have come to the realization more and more each day how grateful I am for this opportunity. I am noticing the changes not only how I look, how I feel but most importantly my gratitude towards living!!

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I have lost about 8 pounds in two weeks, doing a few simple things.

There are a few key things that I believe are making this challenge work for me, so here are my weight loss tips for this week:

First is that I have totally embodied this challenge and I am loving my body even more every day, I am thanking my body and in return my body is thanking me back.

Tip#1 gratitude, ask & you shall receive….

Ask your body what it would like to look like? What it would like to eat? What it would like to do for movement? Trust me, may sound silly but it works!! Most importantly be grateful for your beautiful body.

Tip#2 It Works Skinny wraps

I have been using the wraps and they totally work!! They detox the body, pull all the toxins out of the fat cells and as a result I have lost inches and I have less cellulite. You simple wrap your target area, leave it on for 45 minutes and that’s it!! I also started taking a supplement Ultimate Thermofit with antioxidants and acai berry to boost my metabolism.


I absolutely LOVE BLEND BEE  tea!!! I am a tea drinker, love that little warm drink so why not drink something that will help me loose weight!! You can custom order your teas and blend bee designs and amazing detox blend. Check them out!

Tip #4 Slim and Sassy Trim shake

This shake is like a treat for me!! Every morning I make a smoothie, add some extra ingredients like banana, strawberry, chia seeds, etc. Mix it and YUMMY!! Not sure what is in it except it’s delicious. It is from a company called DoTerra.

Tip#5 Food…duh!

I am eating what my body wants, what gives me energy and results in me feeling good. What works for me may not work for you. So listen to your body. I have eliminated unnecessary carbs, increased my protein intake and am drinking tons of H2o. If you want to know exactly what I am eating…contact me and I’ll share:)

Tip#6 Yoga & Working out

As you know I don’t like the word exercise…boo! So I am moving my body, staying connected to my source…my heart & my breath and I am feeling amazing!! I am getting stronger and I am so grateful for everyone who is coaching me and encouraging me along.

Because truth even warriors need help & encouragement♥ My family, friends, and coworkers are a huge support to me…I am grateful!! I am so proud of my team…Weight Loss Warriors because they are doing just as awesome!!


So, in a quick blog, this is so far what I am doing! It is nothing fancy, nothing “unhealthy” just clean, fun and inspired living!!


Questions, comments, suggestion…I love it all, just contact me here:) I thank you for following my journey and reading my weight loss tips.





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