Here is what my clients are saying:

~Whitney is a true healer. I was referred to her to try an Access Bars session during a tough period in my life and it was probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. The session was only an hour long,                                                                                  

Phenomenal-life1and immediately after the session, I felt extremely relaxed and slept better than I had all year. Then, the stresses in my life just seemed to get easier. It was like my subconscious woke up, knew what to do and took care of me. What an amazing experience. I would recommend her for all your healing needs, mental and physical. Her positive energy radiates onto you! :)~anonymous

~Thank you for your wonderful gift! The day after our session I noticed some nice changes. One of them was that I could stand up taller. Like something had literally been lifted from my back. Another was that I felt much calmer. I didn’t feel agitated, nervous, or bothered. I just felt very calm. Just a feeling that everything is okay. I’ve also been working on listening to what my body wants.                                                                                         

I love Access Consciousness and the information that you and Shelly have shared with me. The idea of asking questions and of destroying and uncreating points of view is so empowering.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you for inspiring me! -Amanda

After getting my bars run by Whitney I immediately felt amazing!! It was like all that stuff I had worried about YEARS just left my body! I felt lighter and happier. My relationship with my boyfriend has improved, I am able to deal with work stress better and I learned that I don’t have to let stuff get to me anymore. I will recommend to all my friends to see Whitney and get their bars run! -C


My sessions with Whitney are amazing! I used to worry all the time; I worried about money, bills, and work, family, and so on….after getting my bars run I felt different. It was kind of hard to explain but I just felt clearer and had a different outlook on life. People even said I am now much easier to be around!

Whitney is so sensual! Her positive energy ability to be present with you makes you feel amazing! During a session with her I feel absolutely safe and comfortable to discuss anything.

After taking the Access Energetic Facelift class and receiving this amazing energetic process; my body felt younger, stronger and I cleared my point of view about what it meant to age. It has always been a dream to run a marathon and now thanks to Whitney I AM ABLE!! -Bryan


After only ONE bars session and changing my point of view about my son; he was able to get off his meds for ADHD and was more present. He is happier, smiles and hugs more often♥-Whitney

” My session with Whitney was amazing. The result was being able to release out-dated belief systems and tension in my body and breathing. I feel lighter and can take full deep breaths now again. I love how Access is non-invasive, I felt by body unwind as the session unfolded. Most importantly, I have a new perspective of myself.” –Nathan


My legs get so sore after playing basketball. After getting an energetic process run on my body, I wake up feeling less stiff and sore. Thank you! –Brandon


Gratitude ♥ Light & love,


All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.