October Special in my new Healing Room!!

Welcome FALL which is one of my favorite months for many reasons:

  • Kids back in school
  • We know fall weather is coming!!
  • We feel the shift of energy and excitement around us!!
  • What makes September special for you?

I am so excited to announce my new Healing Room I designed in my home!!

It is fab! Serene and full of juicy energy!!

Would you like to come on by and see it and receive a healing treatment/session from me?


I have a fantastic October Special:

I hour special -only $99

you receive an energetic healing session!

During a session you can expect to change anything in your life that you would like to change. I am very confident in my skills as a Life Coach and Energy healer that together we can change and create solutions for you. I utilize the healing energy ofAccess Consciousness, aromatherapy and chakra clearing & balancing.

During your session… you will find the courage to discover a new perspective and ultimately the outcome is the ability to truly transform your life!

Together we will  developing a rapport and begin to transform your life so you can unlock those places that are limiting you and begin living an amazing life!

If I were to ask you right now, if there is anything in your life you would like to change…what would that be?

  • During my sessions you will discover those places that are holding you back.
  • You will begin to find what stops you from achieving more and be empowered
  • Learn coping strategies to feel confident to tackle those tough moments in life
  • Feel your power! Be inspired and find your true talents!
  • Release old patterns, judgments and limiting beliefs that consciously and unconsciously limit you.
  • Overall feel better, happier, reduce your stress and inspire everybody in your circle.

Ultimately the results will speak for themselves as you will feel more joy and ease in your life. As you feel better, all areas in your life can improve…

  • increase your money flows
  • improve your health
  • feel younger and vibrant
  • develop deeper connections in your relationships
  • increase your productivity at work

I could go on & on, but it really is up to you! Be Inspired that anything is possible! Most of  my clients have reported changes in their lives following my services.

Let me show and guide you to a new possibility for you!!

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Can’t make it see me in person..no worries, we can also schedule a session via Skype or phone.

To schedule your session with me,  simply contact me here or email me: whitney@inspirebywhitney.com



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I am so grateful for you, and I look forward to working with YOU!!


Whitney Triplett RN