Are you creating limitations in your life?

One of the greatest powers of creation we have is the ability to choose? It is one of the universal laws; we have free choice.

When you can really begin to function in life with this energy, this knowing…your life will be limitless!!


The first question to ask is:

How or where in your life are you living with the limitations you have created? And what if you could choose something different?

The first step is to acknowledge a limitation you have created. It is probably something that is locked deep into your belief system that you may not even be aware of.













I’ll use money as an example to explain.

What are your points of view about money? Do you have limiting thoughts about money?

Have you ever heard yourself think or say something like: money causes unhappiness, I can’t do that because I don’t have enough money, if I only had more money…

Those are limiting thoughts and when your point of view is connected to that …you will create exactly that in your life. Meaning, that whatever it is your thoughts are; that is what will show up in your life.

Interesting right?!…so the first step then is to become aware of what your points of view are about a certain topic/area or what ever it is you would like to change in your life. Whatever that is for you: Could be money, health, happiness, etc…

The next step: I suggest writing down what your thoughts are about the specific topic/issue/limitation in your life.

Then the final step is to release those limitations, you can simply let them go, if you know the Access Clearing Statement™ utilize that amazing tool. You can simply release the limiting belief and choose something different. Like I said, we have unlimited choice.


I choose to let go of all my limiting points of view that are not serving me in my highest and best good…poof, like magic it can be that simple!!


A great question I have discovered, especially when a lot is going on in your life is:


What is the next BEST step for me to take?











Take this situation for example, there was something I was wanting to purchase and at that moment I didn’t have all the money available to buy the item. So, I asked my husband if he had enough money available and his first reaction was that he didn’t.

But then he stopped and thought, wow, that is a really limiting reaction. Then returned and said to me: what if this item you want to purchase will actually make us more money? Now that is a much better choice!!!

So, the next time you come across a situation similar, notice what your immediate reactions are and the choices, responses you make as a result. When you can stop and ask a question, you open up and shift the energy to a new choice and therefore create possibilities not conclusions.


It is amazing, and really that simple. The next time you are coming up against stress, challenges, or overwhelm stop and remember. Remember that I have a choice here, I can create ease in my life if I choose.

Why be limited?

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