One of the amazing things about getting your bars run is that it really opens up our capacity to RECEIVE!!

There are no difficulties in life except when we will not receive…money, sex, awareness, judgment…if we’re willing to receive everything, then we can have everything or not, simply by choice!

This is interesting: What we refuse to receive becomes the limitation we cannot overcome.

Consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing.

Anytime we are excluding anyone or anything from our universe it excludes us as well…and this means we have created our reality so we don’t exist! How easy is it to receive when we don’t exist?  Not very easy.You have to be willing to receive everything and lose everything to be present in your own life. It’s what you are unwilling to receive that determines what you are unable to have in your life.

Receiving is total awareness.

It’s what you’re unwilling to receive that creates judgment of self. You have to judge that there’s something wrong with you to refuse to receive. It’s you that’s unwilling to receive it.

You have to be willing to receive everything without a point of view.

One of the greatest tools we use in Access Consciousness is for every point of view you have,  simply be “Interesting point of view” and your whole life will change.

So how do we allow a lot more receiving into our lives and our universe? You could start by asking how often are you willing to have your bars run? Everyday? Every week? Every now and then? Whenever? What would it take for you to choose more often? What do you choose?