Raindrop Technique® Holistic Healing


The Raindrop technique is an amazing treatment especially if holistic healing is your choice to care for your body, mind & spirit. During your session you will be taken to a place that is relaxing and therapeutic which allows an energetic release in the body to occur. By applying oils along specific locations of the body that work to help facilitate healing in the body by bringing balance and alignment back to the body. It works towards stimulating  all the body systems on physical and physiological level.
When the oils are applied to the body, and absorbed into the body, cellular healing, detoxification and emotional healing begins. This has the potential to help in any area of your life. Utilizing therapeutic grade essential oils that are specifically applied along the spine, neck, feet and any other body area that is requiring healing.


The technique specifically combines three therapeutic critical elements:
• Application of Essential Oils
• Manual hand technique
• Acupressure point manipulation


Oil benefits


This technique utilizes calming and energizing oils. Application of the pure therapeutic grade essential oils can provide many benefits such as:

Balance & clear energetic blocks –When you’re energy centers are aligned & balanced energy can flow freely through the body.
• Reduce stress & anxiety – the body can hold onto stress and by applying the light touch and essential oils application the body lets go and feels calmer.
Detoxifying the body– Utilizing essential oils that help reduce inflammation in the body.
Reduce pain in the body– Muscles that are sore, stressed, or inflamed will benefit from the healing touch and the therapeutic benefits of the oils.
Improve Immune System Functions – Specific essential oils keep the body in balance and stimulate the body’s natural immune system.
• Emotionally let go & bring in new energy– Essential oils cross the blood-brain barrier and effect the limbic system where emotions are stored. Every time you let go of limiting emotions, it allows room for a revitalizing and fresh possibilities to show up in your life.
• Increase your vibrational frequencies– when you are hat a higher vibration, healing can easily occur and illness is prevented.
**Raindrop technique is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease**


Healing touch









Oils Used in Raindrop Technique:

• Valor-to balance energy and bring harmony
• Oregano-powerful immune supporting oil
• Thyme-immune system booster
• Basil-relaxing
• Wintergreen-soothes deep muscle discomfort
• Marjoram-relaxing to muscles, joints and body discomfort
• Cypress-improves circulation, purifying and cleansing
• Peppermint-invigorating
• Aroma Siez-eases muscle discomfort
• Ortho ease and V-6 carrier oils

And if your body is requiring any other oils, then those will be utilized as well. 

I am grateful & happy to provide this amazing treat for you and your body…you will enjoy!

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