May is a Month of Change

May to me is the best month!! Why?…well it is Nurse’s week, Teacher’s appreciation week, Mother’s Day and my birthday!! It is a month of fresh changes, a time of connection to our earth and new possibilities!!

We went through a lot of changes last month with the energy shifts, eclipses and other earthly stuff. I am not always one to follow or even feel these planetary influences, but I did allow myself to tap into the energy of it all and it felt pretty amazing I must say!! I was channeled in new energies and feel more inspired by how amazing life truly is!!

I noticed a lot of people around me were curious and started asking questions such as:

Why am I feeling this way? Ah, why is this energy so heavy? Why am I feeling confused or so amazing?!!

Personally… I expand out and remind myself that I am in charge of me and I am the creator of my life regardless of what is going on around me and the world.


So with that in mind….this month’s theme is CHANGE!!


What does change mean to you?

Does change scare you? Or perhaps change excites you?

One thing I know is that when we start to truly acknowledge that we are the creators of our lives we can really begin to create and change anything with ease!!

When we function from a higher vibration we can create a life we truly desire!!

So if this feels light for you…Try this:
Ask yourself these questions: 
What would I like to change in my life?
What choices can I make to make that change happen?
What contribution or action can I take to make it happen?
Get the energy of what this change would feel like…close your eyes, tap into your heart center, take a few deep breaths and feel it. AND be grateful!!!
Ah, now go out and do it!!

One thing I learned from my yoga teacher is to keep it simple.



What is Whitney up to?


I have been so grateful lately for all the clients who are showing up in my healing room. Some with specific “issues” they would like to resolve.Some just wanting to feel what it is like to get their “Bars” run and the power of Energy Medicine.  I find people are truly shifting into a different level of consciousness and are making demands on themselves to no longer be a victim of the past, to no longer feel limited but to truly step onto their true potential.

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I offer a variety of services:

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I appreciate you, I thank you for reading and if you have any questions, comments please contact me anytime:)


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Life is all about finding your truth. Be Inspired!