Inspirational Life Coaching


What do you desire?

A life coach is trained to help you find solutions and support to help you reach your life goals. Whitney will help you clear out and release limitations and make room for new possibilities. Working together you will find unique solutions and inspirations to help you be your personal “best.”

During your time with Whitney she will utilize the tools of Access Consciousness which include questioning, clearing, discovering, and choice of creating. She will empower you to make changes and to ultimately discover and recognize your own truth and release the stories and lies that limit full life potential. What if you could begin to live your life in a state of choice, power and creation?

It is through you becoming more conscious of what choices and possibilities you have available, that you are able to choose and generate the life you truly would like.

Sessions are always driven by “following the energy” are dynamic and if a client is truly ready to shift and let go…change can be fast. There is nothing like the tools of Access Consciousness and it can not be compared to any other modality.  If you have “tried it all” and are skeptical that change is truly a possibility, come and talk with Whitney.

What is it you are wanting to change in your life?

  • Improve your relationships
  • Find your truth and  inspiration in life
  • Stress management and release techniques
  • Make more money
  • Health and wellness inspiration
  • and so much more!


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Are you ready? We will begin with an initial comprehensive consultation to assess the most beneficial course of action for you, giving you more information on the tools and techniques that are available to you.

From there…the possibilities are limitless!


Sessions can be either be done in person, or phone/Skype in the comfort of your home.


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