There is much talk of ascension and this conscious evolution that we are in now. Amazing and exciting times for lasting change and spiritual advancement . A path that leads only to the truth of who we really are; spiritual , loving, compassionate, energetic evolving beings that do not yet know our own power and magnificence. Each soul radiates love and light, some have not yet turned the dial up, others are still lost in the mind, stuck in old thoughts and belief systems.

“You are what you think, every thought creates your world”.

To a greater or lesser degree many conscious souls are diving deeper than ever before to examine those thoughts, to raise awareness and to love their own amazing expanding incredible hearts. Not always easy though.

At a third dimensional level of consciousness, humanity has been so mired down with negative energetic thoughts, critical thinking and victim hood that often we do not even know how deep our limiting thoughts and beliefs run or even what some of them are. Let us take a look at simply aligning ourselves with our deepest desires, to live in happiness and joy. Living that experience unlimited.

I have been choosing to rid myself of limiting thoughts once and for all. I have been on this journey for some time, worked on myself, healed myself and now spend every day being discerning and aware of my thoughts. (It takes practice!!) I get excited when a thought rises to conscious awareness that I can see has held me in a pattern of limitation. I am able now to notice the negative talk that says I cannot have or do something, often it is like an old tape/CD playing in my head that has gone unnoticed because it is such a part of the background that I have never had a clear sense of it before.

To say it is possible to change this thought about myself is an amazing feeling, to come to an understanding that I can rise above this, be more empowered if I choose and manifest my true desires.

What if you are in that space of confusion, chaos and don’t know what you want?

The ego wants us to stay lost in the mind, listening to the negative self talk and chatter that keeps us from connecting to our Divine Self. It limits our passion, creativity and manifestation.

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How do you get out?

Firstly, notice the negative talk, or mind chatter and STOP. Stop feeding it, change your thought by focusing on something that brings you into the now moment. Walk barefoot on the grass! Or if it is angry and frustrated simply release the rage in a blast, get it out, out, out! Then be done, it’s out, don’ t sit in it, move on. Good work!!

It helps to identify your desires or creativity with simple questions.

If you could have, be,or do anything what would that look like? ( think outside of your box, money is no object, let it be anything or anywhere, just explore this. )

Next, be like a child, start with playing ‘lets pretend’ Start a vision board, collage or just a list. Practicing this to expand vision and to get in touch with your desires and passion is wonderfully empowering. Often it takes practice to break through our own barriers that have held a certain set of beliefs in place. These are of course all illusory, they are not real and are only in our mind. Perhaps it is about living in a certain place, or type of house or environment, or a relationship. Look to see what holds you in place, what limits your desires or creativity. As you explore these you will find the limiting thoughts that have been set in place. These not only limit your experience, your sense of worth and self love but serve to maintain separateness from your own Divine Self, from God.

Examples of common limiting beliefs are our thoughts about money, finances or lack. “I cannot have that because I cannot afford it. “

When we truly recognize that it is the thought or belief held in place that limits the experience of money flow, or holds lack or poverty consciousness in place, we can bring the specific thought or belief to conscious awareness and let it go. A great example of this is the belief that in order to be a spiritual person, or enlightened you cannot be financially abundant. (This often stems from some old or past life vows of poverty consciousness) when we can clearly see the beliefs we hold in place we change our thought about something.

Replacing old negative thoughts with new ways of thinking is important. There are so many tools out there for us to use as well as the most important one which is our connection to our own Higher Self / Divinity / God-self.

A mindfulness practice supports our alignment with the Higher Self; being in nature, silence, meditation, yoga and so on. When we align with our Higher Self, we are aligning with the truth of who we really are and can seek to embody that fully. Making a conscious commitment to this process which we call ascension seals the deal. Then, everything that comes our way will support that choice. Asking our Higher Self to bring the awareness to consciousness means we can get out of our own way, let it be done for us and be ready for the synchronicity; a Facebook post , a friend calling, a blog article!! It’s beautiful how this will manifest for there is no limitation on the miracles in our lives that will support our ascension journey. We must be willing to look at what shows up in our mind, to be discerning of those thoughts and commit to clearing them out of the mind. Like sweeping house and then bringing in a beautiful multicolored carpet, replacing the thought with a higher spiritual truth creates miracles.

When being mindful we can practice loving our own heart, being kind to ourselves, being grateful for who we are in the now. This creates loving energy, raises the vibration and helps bring out other negative thoughts that are not in alignment with love.

So, if you are willing to commit to this path of ascension that raises your vibration to align with the truth of who you really are; you will be opening the doorway to unlimited potential, abundance, happiness and joy. And yes, leaving behind drama, pain, separateness, limitation and unhappiness.

Remember that ascension and our evolving consciousness is the course that humanity is on anyway, supported by loving divine help, being blasted by divine photonic light every day to aid us in our awakening,so we may as well get on board, don’t you think?

You choose, ask for Divine guidance, help and support and then be ready!

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Light & Love,

Please attribute this post to Christine-Hunter Robertson at A beautiful soul, friend and mentor.