Here is a different way to look at the way you eat and look at food. One amazing technique I have learned from
Access Consciousness™ is that your point of view creates your reality.

This is especially true when it comes to the food you eat and your relationship with food. So if you change your point of view about what, when & why we eat your relationship with food can change as well.

I know personally I used to eat so much more, I had certain fixed points of view about what I was “supposed to eat”.

I now have learned to listen to what my body needs and feels like consuming. It is extremely freeing to begin to look at food with an entirely different point of view. Isn’t it amazing to know that if we have the ability to change how the food works in our body and allow food to be a homeopathic agent for our bodies.

If I believe this food will give me energy & keep me healthy, then that is exactly what will happen!

The first thing you can start to do is simply ask a question:

Hey body… would you like to eat? What would you like to eat? Then be ready to listen and do what it tells you.

Acknowledge that you and your body are in communion with each other and if you start asking your body it will answer for you. You are a being who has a body, and your being lives outside your physical body. It feels pretty amazing to recognize and honor the amazing gift our physical bodies truly are.

It takes an amazing amount of energy to digest food, and we are taught to eat food to get energy. What if we just begin asking the universe to gift us energy rather than only obtaining energy from food? You probably will start eating much less food and maybe have more energy!

Body would you like to eat? Yes? No? Listening to the awareness your body gives you and ask…Does it feel light or heavy? This is a very simple tool you can start utilizing. If it feels light, then yes your body probably wants to eat. If it feels heavy, then probably your body doesn’t want to eat. If you can start listening to your body and following the awareness you receive a lot of your food “issues” will disappear.

Another great tool is to get your bars run to help become more aware and conscious. If you want information on how to get your bars run; contact me. And remember, it all is an interesting point of view!

May I suggest this book: