Access Consciousness Bars


1. It works…Simple.








Whatever it is you are wanting to change in your life~ it is as simple as shifting the energetic frequency in your thought patterns and choosing to make positive changes in your life. The amazing thing about getting your Bars run is that change can be simple and instantaneous! Access Consciousness and Access Bars may sound weird & crazy, but who wants boring and ordinary? The tools of Access are so simple, you can use them daily and they actually work!! Start getting your bars run regularly and see for yourself!  If you could change anything in your life…what would that be?


2.  You are happier!

Happiness is a choice you decide







You will feel happier and really for no reason! Imagine that… as you get rid of your  limitations, judgments and heavy stuff in your life you feel more positive, more bliss and JOY!  You begin to realize that life is full of choices, and what if happiness is simply a choice?  If you ever are in the company of people who use the tools of Access Consciousness you will be amazed at the simple happiness everyone embodies. Who wouldn’t want that in their life?


3. You will feel emPOWERed!








Access Consciousness empowers you that you are the creator of your life. Truly, does anyone know YOU better than you?  The first step is to know that you always have choice and it is possible to create an amazing life.  Consider all those areas in your life where you have decided that life is hard, and there isn’t another possibility. Well, guess what will start to show up in your life? Yes, you got it, life will be hard and limited.

What else is possible for you?  What can you change in your life to create a phenomenal life? By getting your bars run and working with an Access Facilitator you will learn simple and pragmatic tools of Access that absolutely work!! Simply amazing!!


4. Less Stress, anxiety and worries.








Getting your bars run is an excellent way to shift the energy of how you are functioning in life and allows change to show up without effort. As a result, you will begin to feel better and reduce your feelings of stress.

One of the most common testimonials people say after getting their bars run is that stuff that normally would bother them, just doesn’t have that effect anymore. When you get your bars run; a facilitator will  lightly touch the bars points on your head, which allows an electromagnetic discharge of polarity holding stress, limitations in place to dissipate. It is like deleting unwanted files on the hard drive of  your computer. You will feel more space in your life, less stress, more choice and believe that anything is possible!


5. Allow YOUrself to RECEIVE.

Access Consciousness Bars






Whatever it is that you are wanting to shift and change in life is possible. Would you like to  receive more joy, more ease, more money, or more connection in your personal relationships. At a minimum you will live your life with more presence, and be more conscious in all areas of your life. Really, that is what Access Bars is all about…allowing you to receive in life. When was the last time you allowed you to receive the gift and embodiment you be? To receive the amazing joyful abundance that is possible!



I thank you so much for reading and being open to a different possibility.  There of course are many other benefits to getting your bars run and what else is possible for you?!

I invite you to choose what feels right for you and know that all of life can come to you with ease, joy and glory!♥


Get your Bars run…At worst you will feel like you have had a great massage and at best your entire life could change.

Whitney Triplett is a Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Life Coach, Yoga teacher and Registered Holistic Nurse. She facilitates workshops, classes and is available for private Energetic Healing sessions and does Inspirational Coaching/Clearing in person, phone or skype.

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