Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine…the medicine of the future…if you haven’t heard this, you will soon be  hearing more about this ancient modality. Even Barack Obama is encouraging Holistic healing methods as a way to better health through “non traditional” methods which include  Energy Healing.


Dr. Oz states that energy medicine is the medicine of the future.

“the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.” – Dr. Oz MD


Energy Medicine is a term used for holistic healing therapies that focuses on the “life force” energy we have available to us to restore health, wellness and balance.  The practice of Energy Medicine is not new, before the turn of the century people relied on the benefits of energy medicine to heal themselves. The turn of the century saw a big turn in the direction of medicine and has become what we know today as a society plagued with illness, diagnoses, invasive treatments and  medications as the #1 choice of medicine. With traditional medicine the source of illness is not always addressed. Energy medicine goes directly to the source and helps to release the primary cause.


Did you know that we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves?


People around the world are getting educated and utilizing the benefits of Energy Medicine as a powerful tool to channel the healing abilities we are all capable of receiving.

energy healing





Some energy healing modalities involve practitioners using specific hands-on techniques working with the energy areas of the body. Some specific energy areas are:

  • The chakras
  • The auric field
  • The meridians
  • The Subtle body
  • Access Consciousness Bars

What is possible:

An energy healing practitioner can tap into the healing energy available and create change in the person they are working on. As well an individual can also become more aware of energy and use it on their own bodies. There are many energy healing methods such as:

  • Reiki
  • Healing touch
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Biofield Energy Healing
  • Access Consciousness Bars


Why Energy Healing?


Energy healing has the capacity to help in all areas of a person’s body, mind and spirit and the results are seen in a person’s physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional well being. In traditional Western medicine, there can be definite proof of the benefits through diagnostics, laboratory and examination. Though energy medicine may not always have the standard visual proof but a person’s changes can be noticeable, palpable and perhaps subtle as well.

Changes that are possible are

  • resolve physical illness and past injuries
  • reduce pain in the body
  • reduce stress
  • change habitual behavior and addictions
  • bring joy back into life
  • reconnect with spirit and inspiration in life

Finding balance and wellness is one of the obvious benefits of energy healing. When a body is balanced in the physical, mental and spiritual realm that is when a person feels a sense of inspiration, wellness and general well being.


When we look at what energy is…


As Albert Einstein so magnificently proved E=mc2. Energy = mass x speed of light squared. Meaning that mass and energy are interchangeable and that time and space are not absolute.(Read more about Einstein’s theory here)

So, basically everything is a form of Energy. There is energy in everything such as light, air, trees, computers, water and most importantly our bodies are nothing but energy!








As mentioned above, we have energy centers/areas in our body.  We can store past experiences within the energy centers of our bodies. It is possible that a painful experience can be stored in our bodies and create blockages in our energy flow creating unbalance and disease and  in our bodies. When you can learn how to use energy medicine you can release such blockages and create ease in your life and body. Who wouldn’t want to use this simple ancient power?


Imagine this, you can use the power of your thought and energy to possibly heal your body. An Energy Healing  modality Access Consciousness Bars amazingly slows down the alpha and beta waves of the brain and creates an electro-magnetic release. Resulting in  thousands of years of junk and limitations being released  creating more space in your body & mind. After getting “your Bars™ run”  feel more balanced and more conscious with a capacity to receive more in life.


I believe that to begin to heal oneself that the true healing begins within the connection of body, mind & spirit.


It is very empowering to know that we are in control of our bodies and we can create change in our bodies and our own lives!!



So, what would it take for you to bring your health back into your control. Find a great Energy Healing practitioner who will inspire you that you do have the innate ability to heal anything in your body, mind & spirit.


I personally utilize the healing energy of Access Consciousness Bars and Body Process in my work as an Energetic Healer and my clients report amazing changes in their lives.  Click here to read more about the BARS.


Where to begin…

Not sure what Energy Healing really means, feeling curious, or just want to get some clarity…the next step is to contact Whitney, set up a free consultation/discovery session to find how energy healing can help in your life.


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