Be Inspired….

to allow your children to have
more ease & joy in their lives!!

It’s like magic…

Through the simple, hands on process of Bars your children can magically change their lives!!!

Please acknowledge that kids come into this world with total awareness & a higher level of consciousness than we give them credit for.

We are the ones that need to change to accept & communicate with our children.

To begin parenting through allowance, respect and acceptance as children as individuals.

What would it take for us to consider a new way of being with our children that is not about imposing our limitations and judgments but helping your children find their unique talents and abilities?

Inspire & Empower your children

After all, children are the future and they have the ability to make the changes for greater consciousness and to change everything that isn’t working here.


Services I provide for you and your child:

*Family Access Bars session:… comprising of your child and the parent receiving the bars. Typically, done in two different sessions. I believe in order for children to get maximum benefit from the bars, it is so much more dynamic if the parent receives the bars as well.

I provide a package of tools and techniques that you can use as a parent to inspire & empower your children.

  • Individual bars session for your child: typically a 30min session (children have such dynamic energy & their bars run quicker.)

What would it take for all parents to learn the tools of Access Consciousness and learn Access Bars allowing more ease into their children’s life?

A cool way to explain about the bars is that it is like reprogramming a computer…getting rid of the old and bringing in the new stuff.
Allowing all the power & energy of the universe to be available to them!!
How cool is that!!
Every bars session is different for everyone. The worst is your child will feel relaxed and calm. I also use verbal tools to give the kids simple tools they can play with and use throughout their day.

I also help to educate the parents on some of these simple tools they can use as well. At best you will both notice changes in their lives in any area it is they are wanting to receive!!

A little bit about me…I am a mother of two boys, married & can share some amazing testimonials with you I have experienced with my beautiful family!

To schedule a session, pricing or a free phone consultation please contact me.