Change can be a great thing in life. It can bring out many different emotions, often good and bad. When we think of making a change in life, for example, changing careers… many limiting emotions and can easily come to the surface. As we go through life it is extremely beneficial to be in the flow of life and follow the energy of possibilities.

What if being aware, listening to your inner voice you can change and create anything you would like in life. Following a simple concept that you are the creator of your life!

If there is something you would like to change, I have found that this simple 5 step action plan really is a great place to create anything you would like to create.


Simple Action Plan to Create Change


Follow this 5 step Action Plan:

  1.  Make a demand: What is it you would like to create/change in your life? Make a demand, thereby you set a clear focus about what your intention is. There is no guess work, you are invoking your intent to the universe.
  2. Ask a question to the universe that matches the demand. By asking a question, you are further setting a message to the universe and the universe will begin to align with your demand. By asking a question, you are also not looking for an answer, and you are not coming to a conclusion. Tap into the energy of possibility and an infinite outcome.
  3.  Release and let go of any expectation, anything you are holding onto about what has happened in the past. Let go of any energetic ties that could be limiting this demand coming to fruition.
  4. Action steps are very important. What are 3 things you can do to begin to create this change in your life? Sitting around hoping and wishing it will happen doesn’t usually bring a lot of results.
  5.  Gratitude is extremely important. When you practice gratitude for what is showing up in your life you start to change and shift the energy. Like Einstein said, no energy was every changed from the same energy in which it was created. When you have more gratitude and you are more present, you begin to let go of limitations, judgments and all that stuff that is blocking you from receiving the magic and possibilities you are capable of creating & receiving.

What if life could be full of unlimited possibilities?!

What if it could be that easy? What if you could let go off all that is holding you back and trust yourself? Change your life and be inspired.