How has the Access Bars changed my life?


Good question, I get so many people asking me what are the Bars, what have they done for me personally and can it really change my life?

I was introduced to the Bars from a very good friend and of course I had no idea what the Bars were, what was Access Consciousness, Energy Medicine and even what was consciousness!!

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life without judgment of you or others.

I went home and did a little research and that little light bulb went on in my head and it sparked something in me!! I knew, felt it and knew  that this was exactly what I was missing in my life! I went on to take an Access Bars class, not knowing anything about the Bars, but went with an open mind and just wanted to experience something new and exciting.

BASICS OF Access Bars

According to this modality, the human psyche is much like a computer’s hard-drive. Not only does it store all the information available to it, it can also be programmed to delete unwanted files. Undesirable responses, habits and limiting beliefs constitute the bulk of what needs to go into trash. The Access practitioner uses the fingers of both hands to activate 32 points on a patient’s head and, in so doing a static charge is formed. The charge is postulated to dissolve the patient’s polarity or rigid and constricting ideas of right and wrong. With the baggage gone, there’s room for more rewarding perspectives and circumstances to enter the patient’s life.

During a Bars session, the practitioner utilizes verbal processes, prompting the receiver to analyse his situation through simple questions. Access is all about “staying in the question”. Effectively identifying possibilities in current situations, instead of dwelling on dead-ends. During a session, moving through specific points  on the head, evidently having a profound effect on consciousness.


The Bars since then has continued to expand my life, in ways often subtle and at times profound.


I have always been a pretty chill person, at least that is how people describe me. I appeared that way, but on the inside I was dealing with my own personal struggles.    I often struggled with self judgment, often not sure of myself, often felt confused, stressed and felt like there was a big piece missing in my life.









The more I started expanding out my energy field and learning to receive all the energy that is available… I discovered my truth, me and my self love.


That is what being a more conscious minded person can do for you.


It is when we get out of our heads, learn to be aware of the energy, the capacities we truly have, that is when we start to create our lives and find our truth.


I learned to trust my self and to trust what I know.


The tools I have learned in Access Consciousness allow me to handle the stresses of daily live with grace and ease. I did not say easy, but to learn that there is a different way, there is a way to be happy amid the chaos of life, that we always have choice. Always!!


I learned that if I trust myself, be in touch with the energetic powers of the universe and use the simple, powerful tools that anything is possible!!


Basically, I have learned to find my sense of purpose, calmness in my life, but with a fierce underlying  purpose to make a difference to the world. To make a difference to all people I come in contact, friends, family and so on.

To be:

  • A good parent
  • An amazing wife
  • Overcome obstacles with grace & ease
  • Gain freedom from worry
  • To feel important
  • To feel stronger & sexier
  • Find my inner strength..a true warrior!
  • and so on…



I get my Bars run regularly and every time I get my bars run I release places in my body and mind that have been limiting me. The more we let go, the more space we often up for more potency and possibilities to show up I our life.

This is really important in life, we can read, talk, do all the work, but there has to be an energetic release. Did you know your body is nothing but energy?


It is like getting the oil in your car changed, or getting your car washed. It just makes everything run better. I treat my body like the luxury vehicle it is! Simple.


So years ago when I made the decision to learn the Bars it was truly one of the best decisions I made!!

I chose something new

I chose to make a difference in my life

I chose to change my life

and I chose to do something for me!!

Because I am worth it!!



What would it take for you to chose for you?


It is really simple, easy and the efficacy of the Bars speaks for itself!!


The change you can create in your life is limitless. Would you be willing to receive that? The capacity and contribution you can be to you and everyone around you.


Change your reality!!


What next:

I tell people it is really easy to get connected to this energy, two choices really:

•You can get private sessions with me…get your Bars run.

•You can learn the Bars in an amazing 8 hour life changing workshop. Then get connected with other people and attend regularly scheduled energy exchanges/Bars swap.


If anything of this sounds intriguing to you…great, I invite you to contact me.

I am always available to talk, and would love to share this amazing energy with you!




Whitney Triplett