Release Expectations

Releasing Expectations


One positive change you can make in your life is releasing unnecessary expectations and being more in the flow of life!! When you live your life letting go of the unnecessary stuff and release expectations you can create amazing experiences, achieve more possibilities and be more grounded in the flow of life. Releasing expectations is like cutting off a rope that holds you back and you then discover more inspiration in life!!

What does having expectations mean to you? That is a great question to ask yourself!!

Where are you finding yourself limited by expectations you put on yourself?  Do you find yourself always planning, anticipating outcomes and deciding how things turn out even before they happen? If you can change the future, you are a wizard and I congratulate you!!

What if…something more exciting could surpass what you expected?

Are you intentionally or unintentionally limiting experiences based on predetermined expectations?

When you can start to become aware of situations and the energy you create around expectations in your life you can begin to let go of the control and be more in the flow of life. Live your life purpose…be light, have fun, find your joy and sometimes the most amazing things that bring us the most satisfaction are those that happened freely…just like magic!

A great example of this is when you go out and exercise, such as practicing yoga. When you walk into the yoga room do you already have an expectation of how or what you are going to do? “Today I will do the best headstand ever!!” Or do you just be in the moment, breathe and be present throughout, letting go of what your body can or cannot do?


A few tips you can use to help release expectations:



#1 Notice the self talk in the head.

Often it is the voices in our head that can cause us the most difficulty in life. Learn to notice the negative, limiting self talk and try and switching it into an open possibility. Changing your thoughts can powerfully change any outcome. Often this self talk can lead to self judgment and that is just not good. You can use a simple phrase I use: “Ok, that is interesting I am thinking that…What else is possible?  Can I see a different possibility here?

#2 Set Positive Intentions

Practice setting positive intentions for actions, situations and life events. When you begin by setting a clear intention, you put that energy out to the universe and it will begin creating that possibility for you. For example, when going to work, you could set a clear intention with a simple question such as: “What would it take me to have ease in my day?”

#3 Let go

Let go of what you can’t control. Let go of anticipating and self sabotaging actions. Bring more questions into your daily dialogue. If you find yourself functioning from the “well, what if this happens?” or “This could possibly happen” What if something bad doesn’t have to happen? If you start letting go you actually allow more amazing possibilities to show up? Try it! You will probably be amazed!

#4 Be Grateful

A grateful place of mind will always bring more positive joy and possibilities into your life. Simple and true. I am grateful for ____________. (fill in the blank)

#5 Being more present

Being present in each and every moment. Practice being in the moment and not projecting and putting out expectations for everything you have to do. Of course, planning and thinking have to occur in life, but when it is possible, practice slowing down, mindfulness,  keeping it simple, breathe and believe that life is full of amazing possibilities!



Releasing expectations will allow you to be more present, calmer and more in the flow of life. You will find yourself making clearer decisions, happier about the choices you make and enjoying to beauty of everything around you.

Be Inspired!!!


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Release Expectations

Change your life with 5 Simple tools

Change can be a great thing in life. It can bring out many different emotions, often good and bad. When we think of making a change in life, for example, changing careers… many limiting emotions and can easily come to the surface. As we go through life it is extremely beneficial to be in the flow of life and follow the energy of possibilities.

What if being aware, listening to your inner voice you can change and create anything you would like in life. Following a simple concept that you are the creator of your life!

If there is something you would like to change, I have found that this simple 5 step action plan really is a great place to create anything you would like to create.


Simple Action Plan to Create Change


Follow this 5 step Action Plan:

  1.  Make a demand: What is it you would like to create/change in your life? Make a demand, thereby you set a clear focus about what your intention is. There is no guess work, you are invoking your intent to the universe.
  2. Ask a question to the universe that matches the demand. By asking a question, you are further setting a message to the universe and the universe will begin to align with your demand. By asking a question, you are also not looking for an answer, and you are not coming to a conclusion. Tap into the energy of possibility and an infinite outcome.
  3.  Release and let go of any expectation, anything you are holding onto about what has happened in the past. Let go of any energetic ties that could be limiting this demand coming to fruition.
  4. Action steps are very important. What are 3 things you can do to begin to create this change in your life? Sitting around hoping and wishing it will happen doesn’t usually bring a lot of results.
  5.  Gratitude is extremely important. When you practice gratitude for what is showing up in your life you start to change and shift the energy. Like Einstein said, no energy was every changed from the same energy in which it was created. When you have more gratitude and you are more present, you begin to let go of limitations, judgments and all that stuff that is blocking you from receiving the magic and possibilities you are capable of creating & receiving.

What if life could be full of unlimited possibilities?!

What if it could be that easy? What if you could let go off all that is holding you back and trust yourself? Change your life and be inspired.