A questionable parent is willing to be the question and to choose to function from consciousness and awareness. A walking, talking question, who is willing to be a leader in their life, their families and for the world even if no one chooses to follow!

It is choosing to be a parent who is an inspiration to their children and other parents, allows their children to be an inspiration to them and the world and is willing to choose what works for them and their family, to follow the energy even if anyone agrees with them or not.

A questionable parent chooses what feels light, what is required, what will expand their life and their children’s lives.


They do not force their points of view on their children; instead they are an invitation to a different possibility. They choose to have allowance for themselves and their families. They see everything as an interesting point of view. They allow their children to be who they choose to be. They are also not doormats, they are choosing a life that works for them which includes allowance for what they are choosing to be, do, have, create and generate.

They do not change who they are for their children and do not ask that of their children. They use questions like:

What is this energy?

What can I do different here?

How can I change this?

What else is possible here?

They ask questions, do not look for answers and are open to infinite possibilities of how things can change and allow all the energies that are available to support them in what they are choosing to create.

What will it take for you to step into the greatness of being the questionable parent you truly be?

What if you can create more ease and joy in your life than you could ever possibly imagine?

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