Be the change you want to see in the world!

Sure, we have all heard that famous & powerful quote … but what if you truly could be that change? Are you happy right now where you are functioning from on this planet? Have you been the amazing being you know you can be? Are you excited about the future of our planet?  Do you believe that things can be different?  YES!! Especially now in 2012 it is so important that we all take responsibility and embrace the potency and capabilities that we all have. What if the change we want to see in the world starts with YOU?

  • What if all it takes to start changing is as simple as starting to ask questions of yourself?
  • Simple questions like…what else is possible here!
  • What generative, energy, space and consciousness can I be here?
  • What can I change here?

At Access Consciousness™  we believe as soon as you start asking questions it opens the door to new possibilities showing up that you never thought were possible…until you asked!

What if we can make the planet a different place?

What if we start asking the earth what it requires from us? Or what can we contribute to the earth?

We have taken and damaged so much of our planet and she is desperately trying to communicating to us? What if we ask her what she requires of us?

  • What else is possible here?

The change we want to see on our planet truly is as simple as beginning to shift the energy and start asking questions. When you ask a question, you’re not looking for an answer, you’re asking for an energy to show up; then just perceive & receive that energy. Ask and you shall receive!

You know what you need to know…do I know what you know?  No! You are the one who has the ability to empower you! What if the shift in energy could also be instantaneously?

So if we can simply begin to shift the energy of where we are currently functioning from…we can be the change we want to see in the world!