I am here to INSPIRE you that things can be different!!

It’s as easy as changing the energy of how you are functioning in life that allows for CHANGE to show up with ease.

 Do you desire something more exciting to show up in your life? What else is possible for you?


Access Consciousness empowers YOU that you are the creator of your life and as an infinite being, you have amazing talents, abilities and capabilities that you have been unwilling to step into.

Access is about asking questions to help you know what you already know. The question empowers and the answer dis-empowers…. empowering you to become the creator of your life. You are the only person who knows what you know.

Access also teaches us some simple pragmatic tools & techniques that help you to change anything in your life that isn’t working for you! There also is this amazing  “clearing statement” that access utilizes; I like to think of it as waving your magic wand.  The clearing statement allows the energy to be opened up and then cleared allowing for any limitations to be released.

I can help you empower the phenomenal gift of YOU and begin to clear out the old and begin to live the life you are meant to live!

What if there was a simple hands on process that could help create a different possibility for you & allow you to receive more ease & joy in your life?!

There is!! The Bars!!

With this you can change any area of your life you’d like to change; to be open to all the possibilities! I am so grateful for you in my life and thank you for for allowing me to inspire you!

How does it get any better than that?!