Access Bars Sessions

Are you ready to experience having your Bars run?

Would you like to begin living a more phenomenal life?

With Access Consciousness you can change anything in your life that isn’t working for you!! 

It’s as easy as changing the energy of how you are functioning in life that allows CHANGE to show up with ease.

Do you desire something more exciting to show up in your life?


Are you tired of feeling crappy? Do you want to experience a holistic treatment that works?

What else is possible for you?

Access Consciousness empowers you that you are the creator of your life and as an infinite being you have amazing talents, abilities and capabilities that you have been unwilling to step into.


Access is about asking questions to empower YOU! 

The questions empowers and the answer empowers….empowering you to be the creator of your life.

What if there was a simple hands on tool/technique that could help create a different possibility for you and allow you to RECEIVE more ease & joy in your life?


Running Bars

Private Bars Sessions & Clearings- $150 for one hour

  • Whatever it is you are wanting to receive and show up in your life I can help facilitate that process for you.
  • I will use my intuitive abilities to help you release limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  •  Sessions take approximately 60-90 minutes. Either at my beautiful studio or at your home/office.
  • You are fully clothed during the session, lying on your back, I will lightly touch the points on your head and as you relax the energy will “delete” that junk stored in your head!
  • As well, whatever it is you are wanting to clear and eliminate from your life I can help to facilitate that process too by using the verbal tools of Access Consciousness.
  • What makes bars different from other modalities is change can happen instantaneously!!

Sessions are extremely relaxing and nurturing!! I have a commitment to you achieving whatever it is you are wanting to change in your life!

“At worst you will feel like you have had a great massage; at best your entire life could change”

Yoga/Bars Session- $120 for 90minute session

  • Experience this unique energetic healing session as we do a yoga practice together  followed with an ACCESS Bars session.
  • You will open up the energy in your body,  to facilitate a more dynamic and meditative BARS session.
  • Perfect for anyone-even if you have never done yoga before; your body will love it!

ACCESS Bars~Yoga~Breathe~Be inspired!

Client testimonials: ” Wow! I was so nervous to get my bars run, and I  didn’t know what to expect. Whitney made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Her expertise and intuitive abilities helped me to shift out of my old way of thinking! I will recommend the bars to all my friends!”

My body was tingling with the energetic feel of the bars:)”

“What would it take to have bars in all homes? Imagine the possibilities of parents doing bars on their children?”

Questions… I love questions, so please contact me or if you would like to schedule a session with me or to take a one day workshop where you can learn the bars. My office is located in Tempe, Arizona.

Whitney~Access Consciousness Arizona Bars Facilitator