Welcome!! I am thrilled you are here….with a desire to live your true authentic life.

I help people by facilitating life transformation.

Would you like to begin releasing that which is holding you back? 

Do you believe it is time to live your life with unlimited potential?

  • Are you tired of feeling crappy?
  • Do you suffer from stress and need help dealing with it?
  • Are you feeling that there is more to experience in life?
  • Did bad experiences happen in your childhood you would like to release?
  • Do you keep repeating the same habits and not moving forward?
  • Do you have physical “issues” that are limiting you?

If any of these questions or similar have come into  your awareness, then the good news is that there is help for you.

I believe that anything is possible, when you tap into the unlimited potential that is available to you. True healing begins when you look beyond the obvious, the physical, the emotional and discover what needs to be shifted in order to transform. Energy Healing sessions and Yoga can be transformational with the target of facilitating change in your life.

With simple holistic interventions and Energy Medicine I work with clients to help them release undesired, limiting, and unhealthy patterns.

My techniques are unique, yet effective. I utilize my years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Yoga Instructor and an Energy Healing Practitioner. I help clients meet their goals, to live authentically, to expand their awareness and ultimately feel better.

Inspire by Whitney