About Whitney..

Hi, I am Whitney Triplett founder of Inspire by Whitney.  I  am an Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher and warrior of life!

I love to see the light that shines in people when they feel empowered. I am a believer that life should be fun. I believe that everyone can absolutely live a life full of abundance, joy and endless possibilities.

I have always believed there is something more to life and I believe that anything is possible!

I am here to inspire the world that if you have places in your life where you think you can’t change anything, the past has had such an affect on you and maybe you feel stuck in life…well what if you could release those areas where you are energetically stuck and move into a positive direction and  feel inspired by life!

Are you ready to be emPOWERed and  transform your life…to be free to live an amazing life!

Well, it is possible!

Being around me, you will feel how I live my life positively and I ask myself questions to keep choosing more for me. An example of a question I ask myself daily: What can I be or do today to create more joy in my life?

I am often described as having such a positive energy…people always ask me how I do it:)

To me, life is amazing and full of abundance!  I have learned to utilize the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness to expand my life bigger than I ever thought was possible.    I certainly went through many life challenges, many actually…and I believe all the stuff from the past is “life experiences” that has made me who I am.

I bring all my life experiences to facilitate changes in people in my life! I have been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years and love the connections I make with my patients and family members, always inspiring them to see life positively. I also am a Certified Yoga Instructor and I love how yoga allows you to feel good about yourself as you deepen your mind-body and spirit connection.

About 5 years ago I discovered the amazing healing energy of Access Consciousness and began applying the tools of Access into my life and people around me. Then, life truly became even more amazing than I ever thought was possible!

It was like a major Ah-ha moment in my life. It was like for once in my life, everything I have ever wondered, questioned, or desired finally made sense. I then started facilitating classes and private healing sessions and I absolutely LOVE what I do!!

I am able to make connections with my clients and together we begin to unlock those areas that are stuck consciously and unconsciously.

Energy Healing with Access Bars

Energy Healing











Accompanying my love for yoga as a Yoga Teacher and yoga practitioner I love the energetic connections, changes that a yoga practice can cultivate in an individual. 

I love to work with all types of people who are serious about making life changes.

Are just tired of feeling the way you feel and want to feel better; add fun & purpose to your life?

Do you want to add more abundance to your life? Find a deeper love in life?

Would you like to gain freedom from worry and clear what keeps you up at night?

What ever it is you are wanting to change in your life, I will utilize tools and techniques to empower you that YOU are the creator of your life and yes, it is possible?

I invite you to contact me and let’s sit down and begin unlocking and transform YOU to live an amazing life.



Here is what Whitney’s clients are saying: 
~Whitney is a true healer. I was referred to her to try an Access Bars session during a tough period in my life and it was probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. The session was only an hour long, but immediately after the session, I felt extremely relaxed and slept better than I had all year. Then, the stresses in my life just seemed to get easier. It was like my subconscious woke up, knew what to do and took care of me. What an amazing experience. I would recommend her for all your healing needs, mental and physical. Her positive energy radiates onto you! :) ~anonymous

~Thank you for your wonderful gift! The day after our session I noticed some nice changes. One of them was that I could stand up taller.

Like something had literally been lifted from my back. Another was that I felt much calmer. I didn’t feel agitated, nervous, or bothered. I just felt very calm. Just a feeling that everything is okay. I’ve also been working on listening to what my body wants.

I love Access Consciousness and the information that you have shared with me. The idea of asking questions and of destroying and uncreating points of view is so empowering.

Thank you for inspiring me! -Amanda