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Be inspired that in just 60 minutes you can change anything in your life, find your truth with healing energetic techniques.
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Yoga with Whitney

Yoga has the ability to connect you deeper and heal your body, mind spirit on every level. Whitney can inspire you to find your inner warrior with yoga.
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Inspirational Blog

Energy Healing, health tips, inspirations and simple tools to help keep you inspired!
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About Whitney

Whitney is a successful Energetic Healing specialist who coaches, inspires and helps her clients find and live their truth.
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I am Whitney Triplett founder of INSPIRE by WHITNEY and I am a facilitator of LIFE TRANSFORMATION.

My passion is helping clients in any area of their life they would like to change.

Energy Medicine and yoga teacher

I am an Energetic Healer and I use my years of experience and talents to provide a service that creates immediate and lasting change. My target in life is to empower YOU that you can create & change anything in your life you would like to change!

What if all that stuff you carry with you: pain, drama, sadness, stress, etc…

could be released simply and easily?

I teach, transform and  inspire people that it is possible to create anything in your life you want!

I believe to begin to heal and change anything in your life, that the true healing begins from within the connection of your body, mind & spirit.~Whitney


In my program I utilize the healing energy of Access Consciousness, Access bars, my 25 yr experience as a Registered Nurse, essential oils, Inspirational Life Coaching and verbal processing, to bring you an amazing service/session that is uniquely designed towards your needs and requirements.

My clients report having amazing success after my here for testimonials.

Did you know that energy medicine has the power to heal and transform anything in your mind & body?

As Dr. Oz said..Energy Medicine IS the medicine of the future.